Kick off the day by going to Central Lardprao purchasing a memory stick for my so-called camera.

Had this after done shopping, @ Pizza Hut. Rich of cheese…


Then headed back to my place to watch a soccer.

That’s it for today. Nothing special, not at all 😦

Oh, today a very super extremely ultimate hot item releasing @ Juice, HK. The blue camo Clot Alienegra Parka!!!

No word about the produced qty. However EDC said it was less than 300 pcs!

Around 600 peeps were in line to get it. Here a picture I got from streething, Clot Blue camo

In case, some of you might not have a clue what it is, here the pic, worn by the hype man, Mr. EDC.


Then let’s compare to the old version, worn by myself…eiei 😛


Which color is better? :S there are 2 more colors, green and red which are short sleeves (so I count them off).

No, you do not have to go through ebay or yahoo HK right now, all the purchasers will have to go get them on the 25th.

Today is just like a pre-order. huhu

That’s that. Wait for my next update!


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