Soooooooooo nice party after been staying quiet for days.

The location is 808 RCA.

600 Baht entry fee but you can access unlimited drink!

Here is the tix, but thank to DJ Knatz for the free entry! You are my man 😛

Tix 808

Some pics from the party;

ohm n nan

Ohm and Nan


All the gang, Nan Ohm Arm Poe and M.


And me, still looks alive.

Conclusion??? I was so awful. Have not been bad like this for ages.

I was like a dead man. Gotta head off bed, work is waiting for me tomorrow.

See you around!

P.S. vrsicks, you made me disappointed. Where were you???


2 Responses to X MAS EVE NIGHT @ 808

  1. Nanny says:


  2. vrsicks says:

    so sorry man, i wanna go there but i was stuck in the middle of something.
    when i wanna get back there, you guys already left!
    i’ll made up for you next time, ok?

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