Hello, what gift you get today for the boxing day?

Me…nothing much today as half of people in my office taken a new year leave already.

I am so free. No one boss me around. 😛 Just having a meeting for Originals in 2008.

I really love my office during this period.

Get back to my blog today’s title, as I mentioned in my blog on the past Sat about Blue camo Clot Alienegra Parka.

Here of pics I found in Yahoo Auction Hong Kong. Really wonder how they could supply these stuff. :S

blue camo1

blue camo 2

The resell price is around 5500 – 8000 HKD.

How good they can make money out them. So envy.

Some more pics showing the qty resellers can get their hand on hot items, especially CLOT.

red camo1

Red version (around 5000 HKD).


Levi’s x Clot x Devilock (1300 USD a pair in eBay at the moment).


How crazy, it is the release day of the jeans selling to the public.

Really admire these resellers. Can’t imagine if I could stock these hot stuff.

Must be $$$.


That’s all for today. Let’s see the next update.



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