Just arrived through the post from Japan, by Junko.

Arigato again!

It is a 14 page booklet from “adidas” – All Day I Dream About Sunsex exhibition in Tokyo by Mr. Sunsex, Madsaki.

He created and transformed his significant workpiece into 3D sculpture format in a concept of “Cerebrate Originality”.

It is adidas ORIGINALS 2008’s concept. Yeah, Madsaki teamed up with adidas for this exhibition!

(my opinion, adidas is very very very and very lucky to team up with Mr. Sunsex)

Here they are;





And this is what I am really pleased about


He signed on the booklet for me, WOW!

Did you see my name, BUNG?? haha

Of cuz, Kazuki also participated in this event as a creative designer for the location, map, catalog, and so on.

What a great work.

If you guys wanna see more pictures and details of this exhibition, please find them @ street trend icons’ blog like EDC, bigz, or HF.

I got this pic from EDC’s blog


A specially made inscence for this event from 3 collaborations by Madsaki, adidas, and Kuumba.

Wonder how its smell will be??

That’s all for today.

P.S. I will update you my trip in Korea later as I am having not much time at the moment.


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