Hi there,

Finally I have a time to update my blog. Just came back from Korea during the new year off.

This is my second time for Korea, nothing changed much actually.

Let’s see what I have experienced there,

The first meal of the trip, Chicken soup- a whole 29 day old chicken inserted with Chinese red plum, sticky rice, and ginseng. It was served with udon. Truly, really tasteless, but Koreans believe it is one of the finest cuisine of the country.

I also went to Herb Land. As it was named, many many different herbs here. They plant herb and transform them to herb product for consuming purposes. And this is one of the product that recalls me of July 2007’s Flavour of the world sneaker pack from adidas ORIGINALS.


Yeh, a mineral water with Lavender flavor.

I had a chance to have Bi Bim Bap at the Herb Land too, of cause flowers was one of ingredients too.


Not bad as I thought.

This is outside of the Herb Land, there was snowing the day I went. The temperature was zero degree!


Then the next day, went to Ski resort. I was snowboarding for the second time in my life.


My butt still hurt from this position 😛

In the evening, went to the Lotte World. It is an indoor amusement.

Very nice park but so sad just spent the time there for an hour and a half 😦


The ticket.


Me in front of the entry gate.


The inside.


A snack there-Fried cheese ball with coke, 3500 Won.

That’s all for today. So lazy…huhu

To be continued in part 2, will be in Seoul!


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