Starting the week with many many busy things from my work but have time to come across this;

Devil May Cry 4’s official trailer.

One of my favorite video game series.

Bad, Nero will take Dante’s place.

CAPCOM is so mean. 😦

Get back to what I said in the previous post that I ‘d show you what I get from Korea. Nothing much really.

Here we go,


No, not be@rbrick. I got it from Lotte World. It is called “Egg Pong”.


Inside the package. You have to take a bath with it to get the toy that hiding inside the egg.

Finally. Kinda disappointed, I don’t want this one. 😦


A cotton of Korean red Marlboro. I do not see Korean letters on the ciggy box so often.


Flavored Seaweed! Thank to my mom for taking more than half of them back home. It was a lot.


Last, a MCM wallet from the Duty Free @ Incheon airport. Quite cheap there.

See you next update.



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