MY SUNDAY 13/01/08

First thing of the day, something arrived from Japan.

Front’s view


Back’s view


Any idea what it is?? Here what is inside…


It is a pack of incense stick from adidas x Madsaki x Kuumba for A.D.I.D.A.S exhibition.

After I had tried, I felt being in the sunsex land… 😛

At 1.30 pm, my old friend from high school paid me a visit. We had a ton of chit-chat over Red Labels until 7.00 pm.

Then went to Robinson for dinner.

After dinner he suggested me going to Si-Lom area for walking around and sight-seeing.

We walked along Si-Lom road starting from Thaniya Plaza to Patpong and ended at Lumpini Park, a very long walk.

Took a couple of photo with my mobile at Thaniya, here;



Many hookers waiting and calling for their Japanese customers. Interesting…

At Patpong, we entered an a-go-go bar to see something eiei… 😀

Paid a hundred Baht for a small bottle of Singha.

No photo at Patpong, because my mobile was out of battery. I will try to go there again 🙂

That’s all for my sunday 13/01/08.

Bye Bye…


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