Finally I came back from Singapore for my work at adidas Singapore office. I was there for only 2 days but my schedule was damn overwhelmed. Also had to take care my customers, it was like doubling my schedule. Hrrr…

Didn’t go to many places, mostly stayed and worked at the office. Very busy, did not have time at all even taking photos. 😦

However, here some pics I could share you guys. Mostly in the office. 😛


This table is located at the pantry room. Which is your side?


Framed Tokyo tee from City by Artist collection, how dope! Berlin is at the back.

OK. From here on, they are something on my very cool friend’s table. His name is Wilfred, an Originals guy for Singapore.


The box, you might not feel similar to this. A Flesh Imp (Singaporean brand) x adidas superstar for its 7th anniversary.

There are 2 version – white (for sell) and black (for friend and family).


A closer view from the box.


Opened, there is a pair of black lace locks at the bottom.


Look closer…


His name were printed on the tag showing the ownership! 70 pairs made for the black ones.


The stripes.


M-16 and sword logos at the tongues.


A lovely idea, Americana Lo NYC customized by iTCHY HANDZ for Wilfred.


Turned off.


This is called “The Globe”, Originals campaign’s logo for 2008. The light is being switched off.

I really want one!

That’s all for inside the office I could share. Thank you a lot, Wilfred. My task could not be completed if not having you.

Also many other things you helped and will help me out. I can not describe all of them here. haha…

Nice to meet you over there.

Tomorrow, I will post something else of what I did outside the office.

Wanna sleep like hell.

Bye Bye 😀


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