Here some more pics from my Singapore trip. Nothing much really


My room at the 9th floor, Swissotel The Stamford hotel. It was suggested by Colin, another Singapore office’s colleague.


A pity view 😦 Big constructions blocking my sight. Too bad to see a Singapore city’s view.


The Swiss Cafe for my breakfast. Nice food with a good environment.


This is a seafood restaurant for dinner, Long Beach. Located at East Coast park, many seafood restaurant around here.

Very very good seafood meal. Again Colin’s suggestion. If you go to Singapore, do not miss here!


A popular dish here, Mango pudding. Inside the bottom bowl is dry ice to make it cool. Looks odd to me though.

Didn’t know about the taste cuz it was not my order 😛


Bought WTF Chupa Chups for my colleagus, compare the size with my Size 9US CT BBQ Superskate.

Oh, and one last thing from Wilfred,


My 2nd Originals torch. Not for sell, friend and fam only. :$

That’s all for my very short trip. I have to say a big thank to all new Singaporean friends especially Wilfred and Colin to help me ease and make this trip very fun. I enjoyed and had a good time with you all very much.

Hope you guys could come over here soon!

Thank again.


One Response to SINGAPORE-PART2

  1. ohmmmho says:

    Hey hey ! Nice torch

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