Hello, been away from updating my blog damn long.

Cuz I went back to my hometown, Nakhorn Si Thammarat, during my CNY holiday.

And I am back to the real world now with some update during my back-to-hometown trip.


The airport, nothing changed at all. So old…


My hometown OG food, Kha-Nom-Jeen and Khao-Yum.


Old school side dish, very famous here cuz many kind of veggies. Just some, I did not take all the veggies’ photo.


A sweet that only available here, nowhere else.


A popular temple for the tourists, Wat-Phra-That. Many people all that day.


They are dope or pigeon, not sure.


Another way to make a merit. You must pay 20 Baht in order to buy this plate containing many old coins. Then;


Put each coin in this very long line of coconut shell one by another.


A wider view.


Many small pagodas was set together inside the wall.


To show the authenticity, OG sculpture of Jatukarm and Ramathep gods inside this door, but taking photo inside is prohibited. Again many people coming to show their worship here.

The next day I visited Hat Yai, this city could be the gateway for Malaysian and Singaporean tourists when they come to Thailand. There was a CNY festival on the day I arrived.

So sorry, can not upload all the photos in Hat Yai. Something wrong with the format.

I will fix and post later.

See you all.


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