Hello, don’t know what to post today, but still want to post.

Been super damn busy all the whole week.

Today I just finished all my works (at least for this week’s). So I can have some rest during this weekend smoothly.

🙂                                 🙂                                 🙂

Tonight I am trying Sake bought by Junko. I believe alcohol could help me relaxing. eieiei


A beauty bottle and nice packaging.


you can see the rices floating around inside the bottle.

Very strong. Junko, next time please give me something more softer.



Kuumba’s “keep it real flavor”, nice smell. The holder is Kuumba too. A perfect combination 😛

Also got this for a while from Japan,


Visvim Christo Jokhang, Finally I have possessed them.


They are my third pairs, the first 2 were sold and still feeling regret.

Frankly, it is one of my fav shoes I knew so far.

Enough for my non-sense and out- of- point post today.

Wish the next update would be better.

Bye Bye…


2 Responses to TAKE A REST!

  1. junko says:

    oh, was it so strong??? sorry na. I bought it as the bottle was so beautiful at Omotesando Hills!

  2. ohmmmho says:


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