Too hurt if not to blog about it.

Worldwide Bape Heads show in Hong Kong.

Here info from;

“To celebrate the 15th anniversary of A Bathing Ape, Nigo has decided to host the “World Wide Bape Heads Show” in Hong Kong. You know you’re going to have a killer show when you have musicians including Kanye West, Pharrell’s N.E.R.D, and Nigo’s Teriyaki Boyz all performing on one stage. Responsible for the setup of this event are the folks at Silly Thing. The show will take place on April 10th while the tickets will be on sale starting March 17th. Definitely not a event to miss out on.”


All goddamn stars going to be in our neighbor…

This must be one of the biggest event is Asia.

I am looking for my accompany now.


Talking about Bape, feeling kinda missing of the old days while I was crazy about Bape.

Here some pics of me with Bape in Tokyo last year.


Bape Store at Harajuku.


Bape Cafe’


Eating equipments in Bape Cafe’.


Bape KIDS.


Bapexclusive at Aoyama.

Did not take a photo of Bape Cut, nothing interesting.

Hope to visit all of them again this year.

My fingers are being crossed tightly!



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