Another great party was ended. A worth waiting for everyone who joined and worth hard-working for all the involved people who made this party.

It turned out far better than I expected.

I, on behave of adidas Thailand would like to give my thank for everybody here that accomplished this party to be a great party in Bangkok.

Thank to Hype25for organizing this event.

Thank to U-dox and Crooked Tongues crew (Both UK and Thailand) for bringing BJ, DJs, CT sneakers top 20, and much more I can not describe them all. You guys helped us a lot.

Thank to Streething for coming up all the way from KL to BKK.

Thank to adidas Singapore and Malaysia staff who came to witness this event to see how vibrant of Thailand’s street culture scene.

Thank to Genesis for lending us those dope adidas to display.

Thank to Singha for a ton of beer.

Thank to all of my friends for coming to join.

Sorry if I am not mentioning all the names, but you know who you are!

And the most important people who I can not forget to say thank you is ALL OF YOU WHO CAME CELEBRATING ORIGINALS!

It does not matter how good of music, DJs, beers, dancers, venue, giveaway, food, or displayed sneaker.

They are nothing and meaningless if without your support!


We fought to the dead to make this party a successful, every single one who came and told me “This is a dopes party”. I was really appreciated!

I am sure this is another step of BKK’s scene to spread out to other countries talking about our power in this scene.

Now we can ensure that many good events will be happened in Thailand again.

Please be a witness to see the next Originals’s step.

Thank again!!!



  1. no idea says:

    you are happy good job

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