My office had an annually outing at Evason, Hua-Hin for 3 days.

Very fun, exciting, and tired since the 1st day til the last day.

Starting by Amazing race, from the office along the way to Evason.

Dropped by many places with many missions to complete.

1st stop, Pan Tai No Ra Sing Temple.

If you dont understand what temple from the 1st pic is 😛

2nd stop, a temple in Don Hoy Lord.

As this area was named…

Skip to other point, Phra Na Khorn Khiri.

Have to take the monorail train up to a hill (with full of Monkey!).

Along the rail to the top.

Met the local.

Me and my team at another spot.

Then moved our ass to the Military Army for the big jump test.

Ready for the jump!

After jumping, still ok.

Arrived Evason, very nice place for have some rest.

The building I stayed.

Never seen a hotel that carved room numbers on the floor before.

I had a rest there for all 2 days nothing much (only eating, swimming, drinking, etc.) from here, just some random pics.

My room

Another bed at the balcony, my opinion is for what???

They have a very large pool.





My sight at the pool

Wan AF was hired for entertaining us. I just realized he is dope.

Nice voice and very very very funny.

That’s all, as I told the rest of my time were eating, meeting, drinking (then drunk), and playing.

No idea what shot to take.

Thank you adidas for this outing.


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