Hi, away from blogging so damn long time.

I completely almost forget how to blog 😦

Let’s get to the topic,

Tomorrow is the launch of adidas Originals x Hellboy II the movie both Fourm mid: the golden army and Stan Smith mid: Hellboy.

You can get them at Originals Store either Siam Center or Central World.

However at Sima Center, White Crow, a Thai comic drawer (Meed Tee Sib Sarm) is going to show a live drawing installtion of adidas and Hellboy starting from 10.00am.

Be there, if you are his fan!

2 Hellboy figures on my desk

Thank to K. Vi from UIP sending me again this Hellboy II tee

Special offer for anyone who purchases any Hell shoes will receive a movie ticket (for 2 people) for Hellboy II: The Golden army at Enigma Siamparagon. It is valued at 3,000 Baht.  

Hurry as it is limited seat, means not everyone will get it.

All for now, will keep you guys update later.

See ya…


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