2.22 PM ( perfect time to blog, i think)

At the office now, overwhelming work.

So better manage sometime to blog out to keep away from working.

Today my colleague bringing a box of homemade cookie to our office.

The objective why I am blogging about this is the shape of the cookie,

Kinda funny to our office, trefoil cookies

I feel worth that I lent her my trefoil shape cookie cutter. 

Sorry for the spider, it is someone’s toy on my table.

And would like to show my thank here for my friend from Tokyo, Junko.

As she used up her 2 days in Tokyo hunting me something in Harajyuku and Aoyama.

So appreciated, eventhough it ended up with nothing, but spending a lot of enegy to walk around, time, oversea calling fee, and the intention of trying to explain what was this and what was that, what they had, how they look, and many more.

Thank a lot, hope next time we should be at the right moment.

If you want anything here, explode it to me.

would I take my leave to work on?



One Response to BUSY DAY

  1. junko says:

    Surprised me that you had even the trefoil shape cookie cutter!
    Thank you for your message here, but it was not that much as for what I’ve done in Tokyo na.
    I just enjoyed chatting about items there with dope staff. fufufu.
    Ok, I’ll ask you something there later.

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