Today 8/08/08 is a day many people around the world awaiting.

It is for the biggest world sport event commence, yea Olympic 2008.

I and my colleagues were watching the live broadcast opening ceremony.

Many of you must have watched it too, I am not going to say much about it, but very nice one.

Incredible, amazing, impressive…what more? 😛

One of the show is this guy,

Sorry, this was the only pic of him I could find from the internet.

He is Lang Lang the pianist.

You all know, adidas Originals made a signature pair of Gazelle shoes for him.

All of us has a little disappointment that he was wearing his Gazelle during the performance.

Also today is the day of adidas iconic running shoes releasing, Bounce Medal pack.

This pack was specially made for this Olympic in 3 pairs each pair has 3 colorways – Gold, Silver, and bronze.

Very touching for Olympic lovers.

Limited quantity, can check them out at official adidas Performance stores now.

Not yet, today also a release date of A-H azx Consortium, you know what I am talking about.

Just to recap,

The F-zx is my shit!

Next dropping date for I-O letters is 20 September worldwide.

Watch out.

adidas Global is kind enough to spare the one and only O letter exclusively to Originals stores as well.

And Yes, both Originals stores – Siam Center and Central World will have the O too.

I have no idea to describe how it looks like, but only ZX700 model being the O that I could tell.

Only 12 pairs will be brining down to Thailand.

Very less, so do not be late to go to have your eyes on and cop it.

Repeat 20 September 2008.

Gotta go now, please do not get bored with my few advertisements.



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