Again today’s post has no story, just only my new pick up…

Got this pair last week

Got this pair today, but for my colleague

Our HR officer just came back from Hong Kong last night brought me these 2 magaines

And today my friend from Japan arrive Thailand with something for me

A copy of Sense, Warp, and NH catalog “Dirty Harry

adiGrun seed from Originals stores Japan and 2 packs of NH x Kuumba incense stick- Dept and Pacific flavours

Will smell them and let you know 🙂

Lastly, my most powerful pick up,

A pair of narrow Lv. 4 NH, the first Lv. 4 of my life

For complimentary, you must see pics of N-zx Consortium floating in the internet already.

Let’s have a closer look of it here (but just a sneak peak)

Very nice in person

Well, all done…

I will keep update more content post.

Bye Bye


2 Responses to YET ANOTHER PICK UP :P

  1. golf says:

    aZX not story but nice krub ^_^

  2. zolabeam says:

    Just……….!! i still wait 4 my ACU……….

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