Let’s continue with my 2nd day in HK. It was quite a real trip as we went to many places (for me) in HK.

Started the day with a nice breakfast at Sweet Dynasty, my fav dim-sum restaurant,

Kai Lan and congee, also more foods but I forgot to take 😦

Mango pudding

Water melon and chrysanthemum drink, very nice

After the meal, we walked around the Canton Rd. for sight seeing at Marco Polo, Harbor City, and some boutique like LV, Gucci, etc. and impressed as always.

Bought the newest East Touch magazine, cuz this man on the cover wearing new collection of CLOT, C.S.A.

After read through it, I think CLOT could come back to the game, hopefully.

A freebies, CLOT wristband. I think I’d better pass to Th3rdman 😛

Next, move to ride a cable car, Ngong Ping 360 another HK’s attraction.

Had to get off at Tung Chung station, very far from where we stayed.

Nothing to do in the train

Here it is, we can ride the cable car to Ngong Ping village

Our ticket

Many tourists lining up to get their rides

Taking off

Was on the car about 25 mins seeing HK airport, HK city, HK port and many more

The village

Hanged there around 30 mins, then we left the village to check out where I wanna go the most in HK, Yea, the Central and Causeway Bay. Of cuz streetwear store like F.I.L., Bape, BBC, Hoods, D-Mop, Comme Des Garcons, Juice, J-01, Supreme Palace, and adidas Originals store.

First place in Central was a restaurant for  lunch at Yung Kee restaurant near F.I.L

Roasted goose has been their famous dish for 65 years, wow!

Another nice dish

I think we were impressed by the restaurant more than the shops I went a lot.

Sorry for anyone who wanna see those shops, I didnt take photo at all.

They were still similar from the last time I visited.

Wyndham St. to F.I.L

Later from Central and Causeway Bay, we got back to the hotel getting some more enerygy for other places, Mong Kok.

Exit E at Mong Kok station

Wanted to check out Blythe dolls and here is the good place at CTMA and Ginza building.

First shop

Another, you can modify your Blythe here

Never thought that these 2 buildings were the true heart of toys fans.

Ton of toy shop located in these 2 buildings.

Mango dessert again opposite the CTMA

We kept moving to goldenfish market, and again we were shcok of incredible number of shop selling fish.

Funny display

That’s all, tired enough to get back to hotel and sleep.

Will update my last day soon.



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