Well, have come the last day.

Again, starting the day at the same restaurant from the previous day, Sweet Dynasty.


Tofu Pudding

Once we finished, decided to walking around the area again and went to Avenue of Star at Ferry Pier.

It is a place that many HK actors and actress got their hands’ imprints and autographs on the passage way along the pier.

Jackie Chan‘s one

Jet Li‘s

Also Bruce Lee, Andy Lau, Wong Kar Wai, Chow Yun Fat, and many more.

But I did not see Koon Hei Chen or our Edison Chen 😦

From Avenue of Star, walked right next to the Star Ferry Pier to catch a ferry to Central.

Not by train as we needed HK’s old feeling and sight seeing the view of famous HK’s peir.

During our walk, we found

Damn big Olympic logo on the building

Beijing’s Olympic torch

I am buying the token for the ferry

In the ferry

The view

After had finished walking at Central, it was the time to get back to hotel and move to the airport.

We were done our this trip.

Noting much at the airport. So I think my trip has come to an end.

HK, I will not see you soon 😛

But as said fun but tired.

Bye Bye


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