So here come the final drop of azx Consortium.

It was yesterday and I was pretty busy and mistakenly moody (with someone) forgetting to catch up the last batch.

Hope to hear a good news from Wilfred about this!

So what your selection from Q to W?

My opinion, according to the hype from the 1st and 2nd drop by A, F, and ultimate hybrid N, this group is much really ZX shoes.

Because of their color way, material, and several classic models like 450, 7000, 8000, and 9000.

For me, T is for the most classic and authentic color way!

Also I love Torsion technology 😛

Lastly, to complete this project, dont forget to watch this clip;

You watch until the last minute, cuz you are not going to miss the fire ZX 8000 from the 2 craftmans who responsible the ZX line from the beginning and have made ZX is what it is until today – Jacques Chassaing and Markus Thaler.

See you soon SS09 consortium!

P.S. Do not let your anger eat you and be opened to others!



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