Let’s me continue my day 2,

We kicked off by going to the very famous department store, Isetan in Shinjuku.

Before we went inside Isetan, I had poped up Originals Store Shinjuku first to cop “I trefoil Shinjuku” tee.

Bad luck again, the store was closed 😦


Signature Trefoil library wall


The promotion at that moment – Lucky Bag


O – fix bike???

After Isetan, I splited with my family to another busiest area in Tokyo, Shibuya.


Center of Shibuya, this huge building selling books, magazines, and DVDs.


Shibuya JR Station


People walking in Shibuya

First place to visit is adidas SPC Shibuya store, newly opened!

Here, they exclusively have “adidas Originals x Santa Inoue tees”


The front of the store


A window with Passion concept


Even this is SPC store, they still spare the basement for Originals.

I really like this impressive 6009 windows.


House Party, and please remember, Every of you will be invited to this party!

Please keep update 🙂


Prepare to celebrate adidas’s 60th Anniversary!

Our 2nd stop is BAPE Store Shinjuku, and….again it was closed 😦


Only had a chance to see outside of the store

Then walked around Shibuya a little bit and did some shopping.

Had spaghettie for lunch, I thought we were having enough here thus changed to another famous place for hypebeasts around the world.

Yea, it is Harajuku!


If you have been here, you must know after we get off Harajyuju station, we must walk pass this little street before we get inside Harajyuku.

For who havent, this street is called Takeshita-dori.

It is a pedestrain only street that has fashion shop, cafe’, and restaurant. A ton of clothing styles you can find here!

I feel like every time I come here, there is always a lot of young high school student walking.


Trendy and famous food for people who come here- crepe


Many kinds…


Another cafe’

In Harajyuku, many stores also closed for new year including Neighborhood, Supreme, VA, BBC Ice Cream, Head Porter, Undefeated, and Bounty Hunter.

What a luck!

Only some resell stores opened but didnt buy anything cuz they sell at market price…grrrr

No chance here, decided to go to Omotesando again.


View from crossing bridge of Omotesando street


Many luxuries boutiques you know are here such as Dior, LV, Gucci, Channel, Lanvin, Amarni, and etc.

Again, Originals store Harajyuku, F.I.L, Original Fake, Undercover, CDG, and Nike Sportwear store still closed.


NSW, you also can do your own pair of Nike iD here!

So damn nice…

Enough walking, we went back to hotel and waited for my family to have dinner nearby our hotel.

Today, we had Shabu Shabu for dinner.


Gourmet beef


Plus sushi

Quite nice shabu shabu and very very traditional meal I never experinced before 😛

And tonight, it is a last night of 2008, yes we had to find some place to countdown and welcome 2009!

Thank to Junko that informed me earlier to go to Ageha club for countdown becuase our fav DJ performed there.

That DJ is Dexpistols! That was my 2nd time to see Daruma on board again.

As expected, many many people as its popularity.

Waited in line to enter the club for damn long and the weather very cruel to me.

So freezeeeeeeeeee!


DJ Daruma, he is always dope on the deck


DJ Maar

So tired for this countdown but very cool, Tokyo’s night life is very crazy!

Wanna come here again ( I am crossing my fingers).

Was back to hotel almost morning and prepare for the next day, a first day of 2009.

Please continue Day3

Bye Bye


One Response to NEW YEAR TRIP IN TOKYO – DAY 2

  1. junko says:

    Next time, go Le Baron when VERBAL & BIG-O are there na!

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