Day 4 already, as siad in my previous post, today almost every shops finally opened after long break.

We chose Omotesando to be our destination.

Reached there quite early;


In the morning

F.I.L was the first shop I visited, but these people already started lining up


This day was the first day of Visvim Spring Summer 09 launching

I was asked by the shop staff to come back again at 2.00 pm.  😦

Nearby F.I.L is Cat Street, there are O-store Harajuku, NSW, Burton, and etc.


Along Cat Street

Many boutique shops in Cat Street had new collection launched and also clearance sale as well.

So you will see every shops had people lining up to purchase their new gears


Tokyo people like to line up?

Junko then came to catch up with us and we started walking along Cat Street.


O-store Harajuku


The front

Also visited NSW, but nothing new in the shop yet.

However, their clothing line is quite nice.

Then walked back to Omotesando again.


Even lunch, they still lining up


Kiddy Land, this 5 floors building is as its name. You will find only toy and household goods with cartoon on it.

I think every Japanese toy could be found here especailly Hello Kitty& Sanrio clan, San-X, and Snoopy.

Oh! Blythe, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and more also in the 5th floor.


Bathing san-X


The whole 1st floor and a half of the 2nd floor are reserved by Hello Kitty


Getting more shopping people


Not odd to see these locals dress


I was so wonder they are lining up for what and I got the answer, they are waiting for Swagger‘s new collection

I didnt want to cop any SWG, but at least wanna see how the shop looks like, so walk around quite long to find where it is.

I tell you this shop is sooooo hard to find and finally I met this sign,


I got a clue!


Found it, they got a new collection + lucky bag promotion (both SWG and Phenomenon)


How to say, the first floor of this building is VA, another adidas Consortium account and the basement is for X-Large

They are lining up for new X-large collection.

I went inside VA, many letter from azx on sale (V, R, S, M, L, C, and more!) and quite so cheap!

BUT the most interesting for me in VA was this;


Last pair of azx project, ZX




ZX elements-sole and torsion

And now time to lunch, we had a sushi at Omotesando


Here the restaurant, sorry I cant read Japanese

It is a Sushi Go Round restaurant.


Again, lining up but for sushi




This sushi is the winner 🙂

We finished this meal at 2.00 pm, it is the time to go back to F.I.L!

At F.I.L the line was longer than the morning. I was so afraid things would be sold out.


The pic inside the shop, almost my turn to get in (sorry to see my image reflecting in the pic :P)

Just as I thought the shoes I wanted to buy already sold out so came out with my empty hand.

Then walked to Harajuku to check the shops there.

First stop was UNDEFEATED


They doing a clearance sale at the down stair (same floor with Stussy), but the shop is upstair

I cop only one UDFT tee.

Next is Bape Harajuku, they moved to a new location and the store is a lot bigger than the old one.


The full name of Bape – A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water

I heard this long time ago and almost forget about it.

The first and the second floor are for men whilst the basement is for lady and kid.


See the line up?

Didnt have much time to join the line so I had to skip it.

Then walked to Aoyama side locatede above Omotesando.


Famous building, Prada

Undercover, Original Fake, Y-3, Neighborhood Black Flag, Loveless, and CDG still closed



Last stop for this area is Cinch, as I said in my earlier post, Tab Device was already gone.

And they open a new one, it is Cinch.

Actually, evey shop in Tokyo is quite hard to find cuz the road and the map are not aligned with each other. This shop is more than hard to find.

Walked back and forth with Junko for pretty long time fidning it and eventually;


Found it

Cinch stocks some premium Levi’s, LVC, and only place for Fenom line.

The time I was there, there are like Levi’s Tahiti 80, LVC 501xx 1966, Fenom Saddle stitch, and some Fenom skull tee and hood parka.


The window

That’s all in Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama.

Went to Isetan with a hope to buy Visvim that sold out at F.I.L and super crazy people again there.

Only Visvim model that looks ugly to me still on the shelf 😦

New Balance x Junya still available for my size, but I ‘d better pass it.

Then dinner and went back to the hotel.

Hope you will not feel pain to read my ever longest post.

Continue Day5 soon.

Bye Bye


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  1. wenhb says:

    damn … i miss tokyo … wanna go back

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