Finally last day, had had only half day time before flew back to BKK.

We (Junko and me) wanted to go to NSW again for our own pair of Nike iD, so today will be in Omotesando again.

We arrived there quite early to make sure we would have enough time designing our kicks but I faced these people lining up at NSW…


I suddely felt afraid of missing an opportunity to get my iD again

Junko went to ask the staff and he told us to come back at 1 pm for iD, so baddddd I didnt have enough time.

While I was thinking to leave NSW, I asked the person behind us what they were waiting.

He told us they were waiting for Match Classic HF, a collabo between Nike, Undercover, and Fragment Design.

No doubt!

I thoght I should have them too or I wouldnt get anything much for this trip.

We decided to join the line with them too.


Almost my turn

Came out with all 3 colours…my first serious pick up of the trip 🙂

Had some more time here, so went to Harajuku for a chance to get some more thing.


Lanvin located at the begining of Cat Street

Walked pass Bape Harajuku again and people also lining up.


The line

We waited to get in the store and found out nothing I should buy.

Mostly new items were outer and jacket, so ended up with buying nothing.

Then arrived Harajuku went to check Supreme, I saw some Visvim x Supreme items still available e.g. Serra, Jacket, etc.

Same building of Supreme, Neighborhood is underneath.

No line up at NH but quite big amount of people in the store. Bought one jacket and came out to BBC / Ice Cream nearby.

Nothing interesting, then went back to meet my family at the hotel.

That’s all for this trip.

Want to say it was quite disappointed only about the shops’ closure but other thing else was very very good.

Places, foods, countdown party all were fun.

Oh, the weather was a bit too cold too.

Thank you my friend who assisted us during this trip!

Hope to see you again Tokyo.

Bye Bye


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