Do not wonder why I disappear from bloging.
Now I am in Shanghai and have been trying to post my blog many times, but it didnt seem I could get access to at all.

After trying to solve this problem, I found out that is blocked here.
This is a couple of article I found from google,

How lucky I am???

Not just wordpress, also flickr and hi5.
I beleive there are more websites that has been blocked as well.

For anyone who is wondering how come I could post this blog, becuz I am using a hiding proxy website.
However using this kind of web is very retared to blog cuz it takes you damn slower than 56K modem 😦

Also all features like upload photos can not be used on those hiding websites.

I got some suggestions to pay for my own domain and find some Chinese weblog hosting but is it too ridiculous for me and my reader to change a blog hosting?

This is my cruel welcome from China!

If any of you know how I could overcome this problem, I am more than very happy to hear solutions from you all!

And I could post my blog like usual again.

Until then…


One Response to SHANGHAI, WTF!!!

  1. Panda says:

    Poor P’Bung…You should come back BKK naaaa ^^

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