I have made a come back to Shanghai for my study again. It is real pain in the ass when I want to blog in China as ever cuz wordpress is still blocked here.

Change my shoes first

Outside the plane

I love this seat

Before the supper

My food at 3 am!

Shanghai’s sky


After had had some rest, got some dress and of cuz, went to Juice Stand opening today. I reached there around 3.50pm and many people were lining up in the front already.

Met some friends Kevin from New Balance, Sean, and Iven from CLOT.

I was in the line around 20 mins to get in the store. It is kinda small but looks so cute as its name “Juice Stand”

For anyone wondering what they have for sell, there was not a lot of stuff, I saw adidas ObyO Kazuki (Campus 80 NBHD and Superstar 80 Whiz sold out by the time I got in the store), 3 Ways Consortium but only Asian group, the D-mop x ACU x Stan Smith looked quite beauty though, and some CLOTONE product, just some.

I was able to try New Balance M575J x Staple “White Pigeon” at the new nearby sneaker store too, SOLEGOODZ. Still plenty left in Shanghai with 1280 RMB price tag. The owner is Kevin’s friend. The store is officially retailing Puma and New Balance

Not sure I was lucky or unlucky my usually size, 8US and 9US didnt fit me properly :S

Sorry no pics of Juice, too many people and looked kinda only odd person to snap photo around.

Then went to meet up with my other Thai friends at another boutique store called Source and find some dinner.

Hunan signature

Almost done

Something from Juice Stand

Enough of what to write, I think…
Wait for next update.


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