Today (Sunday 28th Feb), went to Taikung road with my friend. Since this place is a location that has so many nice unique cafes around in this area. And yes, I went there because I wanna check out a newly cafe here, adidas Originals Women pop-up cafe, a new marketing campaign project from adidas Originals. sounds interesting?

adidas originals Women collection was first introduced in Spring/Summer 09 and has been continued until this year. As it was named, this collection is only the women items.

This cafe originally was Origin cafe, it has been decorated with a ton of adidas  Originals Women elements (real adidas Originals customized shoes, graphic, art painting, trefoil pillow, etc.) and now it is adidas Women pop-up cafe with offers some special menus for adidas Women too. This cafe is long for only about a month and a half, from February until the 7th of March.

Let’s go the review (with low quality photo, sorry) 😛

The menu

Inside the menu are;

List of food plus a fashion set from the Women collection

And more of better pics I found from the internet,

By the time I was in the cafe, there were many customers with adidas Originals outfit taking photo around the shop. 

A very good project for Originals fans to show their supports.

Hope to see one in Thailand.


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