Last weekend I got a chance to visit Xi’ an during the Qing Ming holiday. 

It is the place I looked forward to visit since I was a kids to see those Qin Shi Huang‘s Terra-cotta army.

Kicked off the trip by getting up at 4.30 am to catch a 7.25 am’s flight to Xi’an.

At Shanghai’s Pu Dong airport

Arrived Xi’an around 10.30 am. The weather was warmer than Shanghai but not as hot as Thailand.

Still got the sunshine 🙂

In front of Xi’an’s airport

By the time we walked out from the airport, our guide was already waiting us.

The airport is about an hour from the downtown, we got on a van to the a restaurant for lunch.

Some of the views I saw on our van

This city is like a China’s history book, it is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization for approx. 4,000 years.

There is a lot of amazing historical heritage for tourists around the world to visit.

After our lunch, we went directly to Famen Temple, our first visiting spot.

This temple has a history more than 1,700 years, famous for the tourists as a finger bone of Sakyamuni Buddha – the founder of the buddhism, buried under the pagoda of this temple!

Sound interesting?

Upon our arrival, we all thought “what in the world is this?”

This place is beyond huge, it has expanded by the government and become a place for Buddhism.

We entered  from the side

From the center of the entrance

Before enter to the inside

This hallway is just the beginning!

From here to that far  away Bagoda is around 2.5 KM, we needed to walk up there

This pagoda is a re-built because the original one was collapsed from the heavy rain.

During the repair, a 1,000 year of the underground palace was recovered beneath the pagoda.

A large of quantity of precious and invaluable treasures of Tang Dynasty also discovered inside of the palace including the finger bone.

Walked around the pagoda and visit the Famen temple museum to see the discovered treasures.

For real there are too much, Google if you wanna see more of the treasures and relics inside the museum.

Then we went to the hotel to check-in and had dinner.

In the night, we moved to another popular spot, Huimin Jie, aka Moslem street.

As its name, it is a hub of Moslem community in Xi’an. You can find a ton of Xi’an food and many local products here 24 hours.

About o.5 KM long from South to North.

Back to the hotel around midnight and have a rest for the tomorrow’s trip.

Please wait to see the next day’s program.


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