Here’s come the 2nd day in Xi’an.

From the hotel, we went straight to see the Terra-Cotta army, which is my hi-light for this trip.

The Terra-Cotta army (or Bing ma yong in Chinese) was discovered in 1974, they were built around 2,200 years  ago (so damn long, I think) by the order of the first Emperor of China, Qin.

These figures were buried with the emperor in order to help the emperor ruled another empire in his afterlife.

There are 3 pits according to rank and duty of military formation.

After the long walk from the main entrance, here the 1st pit

We started from the pit 2

Some parts in the pit havent been excavated yet because it might have damaged the original figures and some valuables

that still inside the tomb

All these figures are life-like and life-sized, actually they were colored but now the color got a huge fade

Next is the pit 3, with the high rank and war chariots

Last pit is the pit 1, the biggest pit

We got in from the back entrance

Amazingly, each of them has different face and appearance!

No two soldiers were to be made alike.  The name of the builders also were craved on the figures for the quality control so they can get the builders punished if the figures’ quaity were not good enough.

My opinion, this is real world’s heritage.

After done watching the tomb, had lunch, and moved to Shaanxi History Museum.

This museum has over 300,000 items inside such as pottery, paintings, gold, silver,and bronze coin and objects.

If you visiting Xi’an, this place is worth to come. Got a lot pic, but it’s gonna be too much to upload.

Google if you wanna get more info, detail, and pics.

Last program, we went to see the place with Tang Dynasty style garden but I too tired to remember it.

Let me finish my Day 2 here then.

Wait for the last day’s program soon.


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