Tell me your name, state your game.

Hi readers,

My name is Bung from Thailand.

Nice to know you all.

Wanna know more about me, you just read.



6 Responses to Tell me your name, state your game.

  1. frank says:

    hi bung,

    i’m visiting BKK in 2 weeks … is the zx700 boat from the craftmanship line out in BKK ?

    do you have some more shopping tipps than yeah!, prejudice, zaaap etc … ? for T’s and boardshorts ..?

    thanx and best regards

  2. Jérémy says:

    Hello i found your website today !
    visit my blog 😉

  3. Shermaine says:

    hello, nice to meet u here…
    can i ask that where can i buy size and urban magazines??? im fans of edc and kzk….hihi..
    coz im at Malaysia…
    got any recommendation website that i can buy through online??


  4. emiratesinstyle says:

    Hey great blog! I’m going to Shanghai soon and you seem to share the same interest as mine so do you have any good tips and address there?
    Cheers! DaCize from emiratesinstyle

  5. emiratesinstyle says:

    here is my email please let me know the good place 😉

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