October 27, 2010

Today after my class is done, the temperature was around 10 degree celsius.

Welcome WINTER…

That’s all…



October 19, 2010

Testing to write this post with WordPress app via iphone…

Quite easy but not so good for a long post one.


October 9, 2010

I know I lacked of update for ages once again…and now I am back with this post showing you guys my favorites

retaW fragrance tablet gives my bag a real nice smell

Beaded bracelet from The Bingo Brothers

Felicity Vol. 3 and Fall/Winter 2010 Originals lookbook

CASH CA x Walkers shortbread, a collaboration between clothing brand and Scottish sweet maker, surprised???

Levi’s Lefty Jeans, this 505 cutting fits me so well

I wear these pairs very often at the moment

Please wait for the next update…


October 5, 2010

I do remember I posted about China’s national holiday in October last year.

Now the crowd is back again, this year I am having a friend from Tokyo visited me during the break.

Some of the places we went during her trip,


Bape store Xin Tian Di coming soon

The Bund’s view from Puxi side

Her trip’s hi-light, Shanghai Fresh Water Crab (the guy peels our crabs very fast…)

In a year, only from October and November months are the season for these hairy crabs

Steaming is the best way to cook the crab, I think…

Trains under the Bund, for crossing Huang Pu river to another side

Another coming soon

I do want to take this vitamin water vending machine back home

Phew, enough I guess…

It was a short visit but felt like it is long (???). Haha

People were everywhere we went so didnt join the scene so much.

Hope I would see you again somewhere else.


July 13, 2010

Found these sometime ago and wanna share…

More at


June 27, 2010

I dont remember how long ago I used to wear a tee with Mickey on it.

But now I just got a tee with Mickey on it.

Fresh from Disney x Clot pop up store, Man Is In The Forest.

Shanghai only.

Cute store, those who are Clot and Disney fans will like it.

NH x adidas

May 9, 2010

didnt wear them for ages

NEIGHBORHOOD x adidas Gazelle “Berlin”