April 15, 2010


This is our last day of the trip, we firstly went to visit “Xi’an City Wall“.

Nothing much to say, just big and long

Then went to Drum Tower, I later found out that I have been here already.

The tower’s walkway is linked to Humin Jie.

Visit Humin Jie again, but in the day

After having lunch, we visited another tomb of an emperor.

Really sorry, I cant remember about the detail.

Here some pics I got …

Very huge space. Many many things were buried inside the tomb.

And my Qing Ming trip is ended here.

My opinion from this trip is Chinese history is very interesting and very very long…

Wait up for the next update…



April 8, 2010

Here’s come the 2nd day in Xi’an.

From the hotel, we went straight to see the Terra-Cotta army, which is my hi-light for this trip.

The Terra-Cotta army (or Bing ma yong in Chinese) was discovered in 1974, they were built around 2,200 years  ago (so damn long, I think) by the order of the first Emperor of China, Qin.

These figures were buried with the emperor in order to help the emperor ruled another empire in his afterlife.

There are 3 pits according to rank and duty of military formation.

After the long walk from the main entrance, here the 1st pit

We started from the pit 2

Some parts in the pit havent been excavated yet because it might have damaged the original figures and some valuables

that still inside the tomb

All these figures are life-like and life-sized, actually they were colored but now the color got a huge fade

Next is the pit 3, with the high rank and war chariots

Last pit is the pit 1, the biggest pit

We got in from the back entrance

Amazingly, each of them has different face and appearance!

No two soldiers were to be made alike.  The name of the builders also were craved on the figures for the quality control so they can get the builders punished if the figures’ quaity were not good enough.

My opinion, this is real world’s heritage.

After done watching the tomb, had lunch, and moved to Shaanxi History Museum.

This museum has over 300,000 items inside such as pottery, paintings, gold, silver,and bronze coin and objects.

If you visiting Xi’an, this place is worth to come. Got a lot pic, but it’s gonna be too much to upload.

Google if you wanna get more info, detail, and pics.

Last program, we went to see the place with Tang Dynasty style garden but I too tired to remember it.

Let me finish my Day 2 here then.

Wait for the last day’s program soon.


April 6, 2010

Last weekend I got a chance to visit Xi’ an during the Qing Ming holiday. 

It is the place I looked forward to visit since I was a kids to see those Qin Shi Huang‘s Terra-cotta army.

Kicked off the trip by getting up at 4.30 am to catch a 7.25 am’s flight to Xi’an.

At Shanghai’s Pu Dong airport

Arrived Xi’an around 10.30 am. The weather was warmer than Shanghai but not as hot as Thailand.

Still got the sunshine 🙂

In front of Xi’an’s airport

By the time we walked out from the airport, our guide was already waiting us.

The airport is about an hour from the downtown, we got on a van to the a restaurant for lunch.

Some of the views I saw on our van

This city is like a China’s history book, it is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization for approx. 4,000 years.

There is a lot of amazing historical heritage for tourists around the world to visit.

After our lunch, we went directly to Famen Temple, our first visiting spot.

This temple has a history more than 1,700 years, famous for the tourists as a finger bone of Sakyamuni Buddha – the founder of the buddhism, buried under the pagoda of this temple!

Sound interesting?

Upon our arrival, we all thought “what in the world is this?”

This place is beyond huge, it has expanded by the government and become a place for Buddhism.

We entered  from the side

From the center of the entrance

Before enter to the inside

This hallway is just the beginning!

From here to that far  away Bagoda is around 2.5 KM, we needed to walk up there

This pagoda is a re-built because the original one was collapsed from the heavy rain.

During the repair, a 1,000 year of the underground palace was recovered beneath the pagoda.

A large of quantity of precious and invaluable treasures of Tang Dynasty also discovered inside of the palace including the finger bone.

Walked around the pagoda and visit the Famen temple museum to see the discovered treasures.

For real there are too much, Google if you wanna see more of the treasures and relics inside the museum.

Then we went to the hotel to check-in and had dinner.

In the night, we moved to another popular spot, Huimin Jie, aka Moslem street.

As its name, it is a hub of Moslem community in Xi’an. You can find a ton of Xi’an food and many local products here 24 hours.

About o.5 KM long from South to North.

Back to the hotel around midnight and have a rest for the tomorrow’s trip.

Please wait to see the next day’s program.


October 24, 2009

Have been soooooo busy for quite a long while, just got sometime to come back to blog. Didnt talk about Hangzhou where I went for the long holiday, it is another city which is around 180 KM away from Shanghai. Hangzhou is well-known for it beautiful natural scenery becuz of West Lake (or Xi Hu in Chinese).

In my opinion, the lake is the only one tourist spot here. Many of both foreigners and Chinese people heading to the lake to view its beauty every minutes, especially during this holiday.

The lake is in the middle of the land so people can rent a bike and ride around the lake, which is pretty damn long round. Or, can rent a boat to float along the lake.

Here some random pics from this trip,



















For heavy hardcore shoppers, you dont need to worry, Hangzhou is also one of the best places to kill your wallet. I saw almost every lux brands in the world’ shops here. And if you need to buy some streetwear brands, just head to Hangzhou Tower shopping mall. There is a shop called “SHINE”, they carry visvim, undercover, PLAY CDG, Mastermind Japan, Undercover, OriginalFake, and so on-what else do you need? The next door shopping mall (I have totally forgotten the name) also has another branch of SHINE. The time I went, some Undercover, Original Fake x NEIGHBORHOOD, and visvim items were 20-50% off.
What a deal!

That’s it. Wait for the next update.


June 2, 2009

Last Saturday, went to Yuyuan, the well famous for Xiao Long Pao.

This tourist attraction spot is covered by the old typical Chinese architectures. Also many souvenir shops and restaurants for tourists in the area. This place makes you feel like you are in the old time period of China.

















March 22, 2009

Already 22 day time in Shanghai, have been around there quite several places to search and find somewhat called “streetwear” stores.

And here is the list for some of you coming here and have a problem of no idea where to get some street gears;

Oh, dont expect to see any photo of the shops here, I cant upload them now.

1. ACU
You know what they have for sell -Clot, Head Porter Plus, Whiz, Original Fake, Visvim (only shoes and accessories), Nike, and adidas Consortium. The best way to go there is by taxi. You find the address from their website, then tell the driver.

2. RMB
A resell shop, what they have is similar to conceptshop in HK. Just opposite ACU, cross the road and walk a bit. You will easily find it.

3. Less Mo
Same side with ACU, turn right in front of ACU and just keep walking straight around 5-10 minutes depends how fast you can walk. NH, Visvim, Bape, Fenom, and Play CDG are there! It is also resell shop.

A retail shop for many many brands I cant tell here, worth to go. I bought iDiom jacket here 🙂
Thank to the owner Ben for special discount. Located at G floor at the mall in Xintiandi. Get here by train at Huangpi Station.

5. Unity
Subcrew fans cant miss this. Walking distance from Gloss. This is a new location just moved from the old locaton.

6. Adfunture
Remember Hiroshi Fujiwara figure? This is a toy shop with some sneakers and brainchild apparel. Very near to Unity.

7. O-store Shanghai
In Sogo department store 4th floor. The biggest O-store in Shanghai. Get off at Jin’an Temple station.

8. Nike iD studio
Here you can make your own Nike iD (including NSW as well) with Shanghai exclusive material, hard to deny to not making a pair. A very big store consists of 2 floors by upstair is Nike stuff including AJs and downstair is a heaven for NSW fans. Get off at People Square Station.

9. 66 Plaza
It is a department store for luxury brands, which I.T. located here. You can find Comme Des Garcons and small corner of Visvim. You can walk from Sogo, but not really close. I warn you!

10. Source
A very very nice decorated shop. The most interesting I found is SARU brand. Others stuffs are Tsubi, Onitsuka Tigers, Volcom, Cheap Monday, and more. It is located same area with ACU. I dont remember where exactly is but you can find its address from google. Please note that the stuff might not be interested by hardcore hypebeasts but worth a visit to see how impression inside.

11. Fly
For skateboarding fans, a retail shop for DC, etnies, Nike SB, Dimond Supply some sort of that. One is not far from ACU, another one you might take a taxi from Sogo (around 11-14 RMB to get there). I will give tell you for the address later.

These are all I know for now. I am still looking for other shops else (if any) and update for you guys.

Thank a lot to Kevin, my new friend from New Balance China and Alvin from adidas China for taking me around these good spots.

P.S. sorry if I am not giving you exactly address of each shop cuz I dont really know, but you can do some search for it.


January 17, 2009


Finally last day, had had only half day time before flew back to BKK.

We (Junko and me) wanted to go to NSW again for our own pair of Nike iD, so today will be in Omotesando again.

We arrived there quite early to make sure we would have enough time designing our kicks but I faced these people lining up at NSW…


I suddely felt afraid of missing an opportunity to get my iD again

Junko went to ask the staff and he told us to come back at 1 pm for iD, so baddddd I didnt have enough time.

While I was thinking to leave NSW, I asked the person behind us what they were waiting.

He told us they were waiting for Match Classic HF, a collabo between Nike, Undercover, and Fragment Design.

No doubt!

I thoght I should have them too or I wouldnt get anything much for this trip.

We decided to join the line with them too.


Almost my turn

Came out with all 3 colours…my first serious pick up of the trip 🙂

Had some more time here, so went to Harajuku for a chance to get some more thing.


Lanvin located at the begining of Cat Street

Walked pass Bape Harajuku again and people also lining up.


The line

We waited to get in the store and found out nothing I should buy.

Mostly new items were outer and jacket, so ended up with buying nothing.

Then arrived Harajuku went to check Supreme, I saw some Visvim x Supreme items still available e.g. Serra, Jacket, etc.

Same building of Supreme, Neighborhood is underneath.

No line up at NH but quite big amount of people in the store. Bought one jacket and came out to BBC / Ice Cream nearby.

Nothing interesting, then went back to meet my family at the hotel.

That’s all for this trip.

Want to say it was quite disappointed only about the shops’ closure but other thing else was very very good.

Places, foods, countdown party all were fun.

Oh, the weather was a bit too cold too.

Thank you my friend who assisted us during this trip!

Hope to see you again Tokyo.

Bye Bye