January 29, 2009

Another automobile partner (currently are Porsche and Goodyear) with adidas Originals, Vespa.

To properly launch this campagin, we have…


I will go through this Vespa collection soon!


adidas skateboarding CONTEST

October 14, 2008

For skateboarding fan,

adidas proudly to announce a good news of our new project, adidas SB!

Preduce crew is dope enough to be the first officially dealer for us in South East Asia.

We are doing the contest with the launch of the SB line, and here the info,

Not need to say much, everthing you need to know is on the flyer.

For non-skaters, if you also interesting with adidas SB line, make your way to check it out at Preduce (Siam Square and Esplanade).

P.S. Roaster Mid Gonzales is my cop


September 25, 2008

As you know from the azx Consortium project, there is a “Y“which means You.

It’s you to design how Y-ZX will look like.

So go here AZX: The Competition, read the rules, and enter the competition!

Great prize but not going to tell you here, just go check the link out.

Really worth to join!